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Starting Over

Starting over in any of your worldly endeavors can be quiet frustrating. Ever since I entered college a couple of years ago, I have continued to go through this exhausting cycle of losing weight and then gaining it back. I would promise myself time after time that I wouldn’t do this to myself again, but why do I keep failing? Perhaps it’s a lack of motivation. For those of you who are in college and struggling with your weight, you really have to have a strong head on your shoulders in order to be successful in your health journey. Most colleges consist of cafeterias that are buffet style, vending machines in every residence hall, and countless events where there is FREE pizza or some other food that isn’t necessarily the healthiest. College is about furthering your education, finding yourself, meeting potential life-long friends, and creating new experiences. It is also really easy to lose sight of your health goals when there is so much unhealthy goodness around you. So what’s the answer that I have found? It is honestly all about balance. You can go eat pizza, you can go party and have a couple of drinks (if you’re old enough, that is), you can go on ice cream dates with your friends – the key is to make sure that the behavior isn’t excessive. But don’t restrict yourself from having fun, either!

I wish I had been more consistent in making sure my health was a priority. I am now starting from square one once again. I can say that I have changed a lot in terms of how I think about things. The old me would’ve dwelled on the “what ifs” even though I can’t rewind time and change my actions. If you are restarting your journey, it is extremely important to learn how to let go of the past, otherwise it may make things more difficult for you. Using social media platforms to connect with others who can relate and learn various ideas that you can incorporate into your lifestyle helps a whole lot, in my opinion.

I am using this time as a fresh start, and, I won’t lie, I still don’t like looking at old photos of myself when I was thinner because I tend to get sad. Those photos are still there and they are still part of my memories, but I distance myself from them. Do whatever you need to do in order to keep yourself motivated, whether that’s putting up an old photo of yourself or never looking back. This time around, I really just need to continue to work on my mindset and improve my commitment to making these changes. I am scared. I am scared of failing myself again, but I have to do this for myself and my happiness. My goal isn’t to be the skinniest girl on the block; it’s to become a better and healthier version of me for not only myself, but for my family and my future children. This is your journey and yours alone. Remember, no one knows your story, unless you’re willing to tell them. Even then, that’s not your obligation. But if you want the support, don’t be afraid to lean on the people around you. Your past does not dictate your future, and you are in charge of your destiny.


Meet the Author: Tanisha

Tanisha is currently taking time off from school and using this time to do some soul searching. She has battled with her health for years and wants to help others who are going through the same thing. She enjoys helping others, photography, spending time with family and friends, reading, and making people laugh. Even if you don’t laugh at her favorite corny joke, she will! Follow her on Instagram at @lestruggleisreal!

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