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Principle #4: Deal With Stress

If I’m being completely honest, this post is difficult for me to write.  Why is that you ask?  Because I’m still figuring out how to deal with stress well!   Stress has an impact on us all, especially during our teen and young adult years.  This time of life is full of transitions!  (College, grad […]

Principle #3: Sleep Well

I had a very strict bedtime when I was a kid, and I did not like it to say the least. Especially in the summer, it was like torture! I’d be brushing my teeth, putting on PJs and climbing into bed as the sun was setting. It wasn’t even totally dark yet and I had […]

Principle #2: Move Your Body

Exercise can be a heated topic.  Some love it, some hate it.  If you think of exercise as clocking minutes or miles on the treadmill (the “dreadmill!”) don’t get nervous because that is NOT what we are encouraging.  This Wellie principle isn’t even called “exercise” because we are all about moving your body any way […]

Principle #1: Eat for Nourishment

My favorite thing to eat for breakfast when I was in high school was two Eggo waffles buttered up and drenched in maple syrup. That or a sugary sweet bowl of cereal (sometimes two). I’d stuff my mouth quickly and run out the door to school, slipping into my first period desk just as the […]

Patience, patience, patience

Patience is truly a virtue. As Millennials, we are used to instant gratification. We take a picture, we can now see the image seconds afterwards with the help of camera phones and digital cameras. We no longer have to wait for the film to develop. We want to express ourselves to someone, we don’t have to […]

Starting Over

Starting over in any of your worldly endeavors can be quiet frustrating. Ever since I entered college a couple of years ago, I have continued to go through this exhausting cycle of losing weight and then gaining it back. I would promise myself time after time that I wouldn’t do this to myself again, but […]

3 Positive New Year’s Resolutions

2016, you were a wild one. This has been possibly the fastest year of my life and I can’t believe it’s already December! It’s about the time of year when I reflect on how the past 12 months went, and start to make plans for the next 12! To be fully honest, I’m not a […]

What We Say to Girls

It’s mid November, Thanksgiving is this week (YAY!), and that means the holiday season is right upon us. Soon enough we will be surrounded by family, friends, and communities celebrating.  Seeing family and friends might mean spending time with kids you don’t see on a regular basis.  This makes me think… Awhile back I came […]

Fitness Q&A with Haley: Yoga Basics

I’m writing this series to answer questions or widen your knowledge on various forms of physical activity. Today, I’m talking about yoga! Background: Yoga is a practice of the mind, body, and soul working together in harmony. Modern American yoga, also known as hatha yoga, is a practice that primarily focuses on physical and mental health. In […]

Why It’s Important to Accept the Compliments You Receive

Wellness usually makes us think of eating well and moving our bodies. But, as Wellie girls, we know it’s so much more than that. Healthy relationships are a huge part of wellness, and that means being around people who will lift you up rather than bring you down. So my question here is: what happens […]

How I’m Starting to Meditate

Meditation. It sounds a bit daunting and maybe too “out there” to be your thing, but stick with me here! Meditation doesn’t have to mean sitting cross-legged and chanting with your eyes closed while incense is burning – it totally can be if that’s what you like, but it can also be done in many […]

Tasty Travel Tricks: Eating Healthy While Wandering the World

Woohoo! You’ve made it through the school year and now it’s time to travel and vacation your days away! You have your Coppertone packed, boarding pass printed, and a soul full of wanderlust. Before embarking on the trip of a lifetime or a relaxing week by the lake, be sure to pack away these handy […]