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Principle #4: Deal With Stress

If I’m being completely honest, this post is difficult for me to write.  Why is that you ask?  Because I’m still figuring out how to deal with stress well!  

Stress has an impact on us all, especially during our teen and young adult years.  This time of life is full of transitions!  (College, grad school, moving, changing friend groups, and figuring out the future as we become more in control of our own paths)  It’s easy to get overwhelmed, but having a plan of action is so important when times feel crazy.

Stress can affect me physically – headaches, stomach aches, tense muscles – so I notice it when it’s coming on strong.  Whether your body or your brain tells you you’re stressed, this principle is all about what your next step is once that happens.  There’s certainly no one size fits all solution, but there are endless options for how to change your spirits.    

Here are just a few ideas for how I try to tame the stressful feelings:

  • Smell some lavender essential oil (I love my diffuser!)
  • Go for a walk
  • Listen to a podcast (bonus = listen to a podcast while painting my nails)
  • Call a friend (which is often mom ;) )
  • Cook or bake
  • S t r e t c h or do yoga
  • And always: BREATHE

I do these little things to try and chill in the moment, and I am constantly working towards an overall more calm state.  That being said, stress isn’t always bad!  Stress can motivate you to accomplish your goals, be efficient, and compete at your best.  Finding the right balance of stress and chill is key, and it’s a journey we will all go on together!  So tell us – what are your go-to stress busting remedies??

Meet the Author: Michelle Pillepich

Michelle is a graduate student in the Masters of Public Health in nutrition program at UNC Chapel Hill. She is currently studying nutrition and working as a dietetic intern during the combined program.  She loves coaching for Girls on the Run in her free time as well as getting in the kitchen or getting outside to be active.  In her future career as a registered dietitian, Michelle hopes to connect with young girls to inspire good nutrition and wellness. You can connect with her on Instagram at @powerdbypeanutbutter!

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